Life as a Grandma

I Just Didn't Understand

I had always heard people say that being a Grandparent is a completely different experience from being a parent. It is something you can't understand until it happens to you. There is very little of the stress that comes with parenthood and all of the joy. It really helps if that grandchild has great parents!

My Amazing Daughter

I will never forget the night my Granddaughter was born. I have never loved my daughter more than I did at the moment when I walked in and saw her sitting in bed holding her own child while tears ran down her cheeks. I remembered what it had been like to lay in a bed just like that holding her in my arms. All I could think of us was the wonderful adventure that lay in store for her as a Mom...

  • Her daughter's first smiles and first steps
  • The joy of watching her daughter run after the ducks in the Park.
  • Her daughter's first day at Preschool, including all of Mommy and Daddy's tears and her last day at preschool with all of her daughter's tears because she would miss her teacher and her classmates.

In the last 4 years I have watched with wonder as my daughter, who claimed she never wanted to have kids, has become the most amazing wife and Mother. She works hard to take good care of her family and to fix wonderful home cooked meals for them every evening. She also keeps the rest of us supplied with yummy stuff. Her baking reputation is known far and wide.

Things Yet to Come:

  1. Her first day in Kindergarten
  2. Her first lost tooth
  3. Her first date
  4. Her driver's license and first car
  5. The day she leaves home to build her own family